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About Us


Integrated Learning Management System (ILMS) is a cloud based real time eLearning platform that manages the processes of creating, hosting, distributing, and assessing educational courses or training sessions online. The tool allows trainers to host different types of training content such as lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and online tests with live broadcasting option.
Besides content creation ILMS software facilitates administrative, tracking and reporting activities while accepting online payment from different payment options.
ILMS is the number one Sri Lanka’s online eLearning platform powered by team of IT professionals.

Few advantages of ILMS platform

- Your son and daughter is safe at home
- Repeat access for missing sessions - Online assessments / Preparing for exams - Parents can monitor child’s moments & progress - No transport cost and wasting time on the roads - Time saving - Could maintains social distancing - User friendly and easy access eLearning platform

Best Teachers In the Island

Indeepa makes platform to your son and doughter A Vertual Classroom with The best teachers. No different at all. All the tutes and lessons, MCQs , Homeworks are here.

Acess anywhare Every Whare

Indeepa Is not Limited to one location. Its Globle platform. No matter the Device. No matter the location. The best teachers are on your click away. 

Your Time and Money Save Here

This is Vertual.  No limitation on location or device. No need to come to the classes. No need to spend hours in travel. Just log in to Indeepa and start Learning. All the materials are Here.

Get The Best Results With the Best Platform

Study when youre free. No matter the time. Follow the materisls and Be a winner. This Is your platform that makes You a Special.


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